Eureka Osteo was started by Dr Anthony Rogan in 2001, who was later joined by business partner Dr Megan May. 


Since then, we have created a team of professional and caring therapists, and are excited to call 1120 Howitt Street, Wendouree our new, purpose-built home from July 2nd 2018!


 So what do we believe?



Feeling healthy is integral to a happy life.

We want to help and inspire you to feel your absolute best and to be able to enjoy your life.



You deserve to feel in control of your health.

We give you the information and tools to make positive changes.



A healthy you is not just about your body.

This includes the interrelationships between all of your body parts, mind and spirit and your relationships with the people and world around you.


Your body can heal itself.

You body has the ability to regulate all of the functions from within. Our treatments help to support these processes.



The health of the environment is critical to our own health.

We are very aware of the need to tread lightly on the planet and take a role in this seriously.

We buy 100% green power electricity and have a 10kW solar system on the roof; always use 100% recycled paper products; capture rainwater for use on the garden,; consciously reduce waste and energy consumption; reuse when possible recycle.

We often use our own leg power to get to work on a bike as well!